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This day definitely needs more Simon Yam.


War of the Gargantuas

Nooo, don’t misidentify one of my favorite movies! This would be The Magic Serpent (怪竜大決戦), not War of the Gargantuas. 

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Kristina and I just got back from seeing this at the Marchesa. It was my first time watching, and it was in 35mm on the big screen! It’s really good and that final fight scene was *insane*. 

I kept thinking that one henchman looked a lot like Philip Ko, and yeah, that’s because it *was* Philip Ko. I did not recognize him without a red speedo and a naked woman in his bathroom. 

It’s Andy Lau’s birthday!! This might be good time for a rewatch of RUNNING OUT OF TIME, INFERNAL AFFAIRS, SHAOLIN or A SIMPLE LIFE.

I like so many of his movies I couldn’t pick one favorite, but one I really, really hated was WHAT WOMEN WANT. That movie is a complete piece of shit. Avoid it like the plague.


Our girl Etsuko

Hey guys, check out the-ninja-a-go-go, they’re always posting stuff over there that I think you’d dig! 

This picture is all my happiness today. 

Fu Sheng and Gordon Liu rockin’ out. THAT WIG!